HOME – Pyxis

“Pyxis” is made up of retrospective synth melodies (that harken to old-school M83) which repeat over and over and over, somehow sounding fresh every time, and some classic french house. It makes me want to air drum. And and since no one can see me air drum while I type…
tic tic tic tic tic tic tictic tic tic tic tic tic tic tic tic tictic tic 
That’s me air drumming along to the Tycho-esque beat that drives this energetic electronic instrumental. These sounds are dark, fresh, and breezy.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of evening retrospection or a new adventure. And when you’re done, try some cold water sipped from an empty beer bottle that you filled with water and put in the fridge for later.


Snail Mail – “Thinning”

Mix two parts Rainer Maria from 2006, one part Le Tigre, and a dash of The Cranberries and you may find yourself with the veritable cocktail of jangly low-fi pop that is Snail Mail’s latest single “Thinning.” The self proclaimed “3 piece band from bmore” delivers a melancholy summer track with a truly indie soul that makes me nostalgic for something I’m not sure I ever experienced. And it feels so good.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of sticking your head out the window on a hot and breezy day

TBT: Trivial Shields – “Amerikan”

Trivial Shields investigates darker subject matters and somehow makes it seem like a great idea to dance about it. His music is a friend who gets the sh*t you’re going through, listens, doesn’t brush anything under the rug, and then gets you to dance the angst away.

Sounds like: catchy pitch-shifted vocals, infectious backbeat, and sparkling arpeggiated-synths

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of backpacking through Europe

Joey Dosik – “Game Winner”

Joey Dosik is a musical beast. And his latest release, The Game Winner, is a masterpiece of soulful goodness. Dosik – who has played with artists such as Princess, Vulpeck, and Mocky – released a 6 track EP this summer that is refreshingly authentic. Check out the warm crunchy sounds, masterful musicianship, and timeless vocals that make this EP a joy to listen to:

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of fresh lemon balm iced tea

Sure Sure – “Okinawa”

Glistening with tinkly guitars, washy reverbs, groovy acoustic drums, fuzz, and breezy vocal harmonies – “Okinawa” is a great song to welcome the summer with. This song is from the cheekily titled EP – Songs from 2014 by the Californian trio, Sure Sure, and hints at the 1970s, Tame Impala, good jam bands, Kings of Convenience, and a nice day at the beach.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of closed eyes on a lawn chair