Carsie Blanton – “Hot Night”

One part boisterous New Orleans street musicians, two parts summer heat, a dash of Regina Spektor-esque boldness, and VOILA! you have “Hot Night” by New Orleans based Carsie Blanton.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of late night summer heat – the kind where even a thin cotton sheet is too warm. And drink something with ice cubes in it!


Mount Everest – “Week 298 // Anniversary”

Mount Everest. Mount Everest. This Mount Everest!! This one guy, Jesse Mitchell Lindsey, has been making a song every Monday for the past 298 weeks. YES!! So, now we can hear what music sounds like when someone makes a song every week for 298 weeks! And better yet, what delicate gems of life are to be found in this intricate collection of music?!

Folky, introspective, and vulnerable – the latest Mount Everest track (which features Jesse’s wife) is a masterful depiction of the refuge found in love.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of hand holding on a clear, windy night, while looking up at the stars and realizing the universe goes on forever

SALES – “Ivy”

Are you experiencing loads of travel and transitions this summer? What to listen to when these things are happening?? Well – for a start, this Beach House-y track by SALES! With its haunting half-mumbled vocals and laid back spring-reverbed out guitar licks – it is a great way to quiet the mind and step back from the rush of everything: computer beeps, GPS commands, text alerts, family dysfunctions, the inevitable degeneration of the human body, and the ever increasing speed of time.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of not giving a FLEEP anymore, but in a good way ; )




Snail Mail – “Thinning”

Mix two parts Rainer Maria from 2006, one part Le Tigre, and a dash of The Cranberries and you may find yourself with the veritable cocktail of jangly low-fi pop that is Snail Mail’s latest single “Thinning.” The self proclaimed “3 piece band from bmore” delivers a melancholy summer track with a truly indie soul that makes me nostalgic for something I’m not sure I ever experienced. And it feels so good.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of sticking your head out the window on a hot and breezy day

Joey Dosik – “Game Winner”

Joey Dosik is a musical beast. And his latest release, The Game Winner, is a masterpiece of soulful goodness. Dosik – who has played with artists such as Princess, Vulpeck, and Mocky – released a 6 track EP this summer that is refreshingly authentic. Check out the warm crunchy sounds, masterful musicianship, and timeless vocals that make this EP a joy to listen to:

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of fresh lemon balm iced tea

Sure Sure – “Okinawa”

Glistening with tinkly guitars, washy reverbs, groovy acoustic drums, fuzz, and breezy vocal harmonies – “Okinawa” is a great song to welcome the summer with. This song is from the cheekily titled EP – Songs from 2014 by the Californian trio, Sure Sure, and hints at the 1970s, Tame Impala, good jam bands, Kings of Convenience, and a nice day at the beach.

Beets Tip: enjoy with a side of closed eyes on a lawn chair